Our Approach.

Listen and ExploreI.

To start, we initiate an open, honest and interactive dialog around the client’s needs. In establishing this reciprocal conversation in the exploratory phase, we can develop a clear, focused and comprehensive understanding of the client’s brand, organization, brand perception and purpose, cultural references, customer base and goals and decide what customized services could be provided. The client is always kept in the loop in this give and take exchange.


Analyze and StrategizeII.

Following the discovery process, we organize a plan of action, deciding which tactical projects can achieve a strategic outcome to realize the client’s goals. Key global consultants are chosen, briefed, and dispatched with specific tasks to dig into their local markets to uncover what’s new, next and resonating with customers. It all starts with identifying compelling product that supports the brand culture.

We build our teams of consultants based on the client’s unique needs. This information is compiled and analyzed, looking for similarities between markets, what the white space opportunities are and how they can be monetized, connecting the dots between markets, information, ideas and product to uncover proven winners.

Create and ExecuteIII.

Once the tactical pieces are incorporated into a cohesive presentation - whether it’s product, photographic examples or other data – either in 3-D presentations or in strategy decks, the implications for the client are mapped out and a plan of action is recommended, how the results can be integrated into the business, especially through focused testing, with read and react responses. By the end of the process, we deliver results that will be relevant, and will resonate, as well as be emotionally connective with customers, increasing sales.